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About Us

Company History 

Mobile Livescan Solutions was created by a Human Resource Professional with over 30 years experience in HR Management.  We provide a completely mobile fingerprint service and HR solutions to organizations so that they could be in compliance with Federal and State agencies.  We are committed to excellence, integrity, and confidentiality.  

MLS specializes in keeping you in compliance with the laws and regulatory requirements governing your program - from AHCA, APD,VECHS, DCF etc.     

MLS is a State of Florida livescan vendor with a total mobile solution.  We assist educational, social, religious, not for profit, and healthcare organizations to  comply with Florida law and regulatory requirements for the protection of children and vulnerable aduts.    

What is Livescan?

This is the process of taking fingerprints on a certified electonic fingerprinting machine and submitting them electronically to the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) for processing.  The livescan technology replaces the process of recording an individual's fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink.  The livescan process gets criminal background results to the employer or licensing agency within weeks versus months if you are still using the cards.

Our equipment is a fully FBI compliant livescan system.  We utilize the CrossMatch ID 500 and FBI/FDLE livescan Management Software.  We provide our customers with the best technologies giving you confidence and peace of mind. 



Mobile Livescan Solutions, LLC

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